SMARTASS.COM is For Sale! is a premium domain name in search of its Highest & Best use. HEAR or see it just once and you will never forget it. It’s PR value is enormous! We feel it would make the perfect Search Engine. “Don’t Google it,,, SmartAss it.” Click on sample promotional video here and Beta website here. Just imagine if Microsoft had used SmartAss instead of Bing. I bet it would have gained twice as much market share for 1/3 the promotional cost. 

But maybe you have a different vision for SmartAss 


Too add more value to this sale , 3 more Premium Domain Names are included! 

An outrageous name for the Diet / Weight-loss sector.

A great name for financial use.

The perfect name for a non auction retail website.

PRICE $495,000

Attention Domain Name Brokers

A 15% commission will be paid for a successful sale


John W. Scionti at